Proverbs: a handbook - WOLFGANG MIEDER

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Definition and Classification
Definition Attempts
Proverb Markers and Meanings
Origin and Dissemination of Proverbs
Traditional Forms Related to the Proverb
The International Type System of Proverbs
Types of International Proverb Collections
Major Anglo-American Proverb Collections
Various Specialized Proverb Collections
Selected Bibliography

Examples and Texts
"Big Fish Eat Little Fish': A Classical Proverb about Human Nature
"First Come, First Served": A Medieval Legal Proverb from the Millers
"The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree": A Proverb's Way from Germany to America
"The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian": A Slanderous Proverbial Stereotype
"Good Fences Make Good Neighbors": An Ambiguous Proverb of Relationships
"A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words": An Advertising Slogan Turned American Proverb
Proverbs from Different Cultures and Languages
Authentic American Proverbs
Regional American Proverbs
Native American Proverbs
African American Proverbs
Selected Bibliography

Scholarship and Approaches
Proverb Journals, Essay Volumes, and Bibliographies
Proverb Collections and Future Paremiography
Comprehensive Overviews of Paremiology
Empiricism and Paremiological Minima
Linguistic and Semiotic Considerations
Performance (Speech Acts) in Social Contexts
Issues of Culture, Folklore, and History
Politics, Stereotypes, and Worldview
Sociology, Psychology, and Psychiatry
Use in Folk Narratives and Literature
Religion and Wisdom Literature
Pedagogy and Language Teaching
Iconography: Proverbs as Art
Mass Media and Popular Culture
Selected Bibliography

"A Man of Fashion Never Has Recourse to Proverbs": Lord Chesterfield's Tilting at Proverbial Windmills
"Early to Bed and Early to Rise": From Proverb to Benjamin Franklin and Back
"Behind the Cloud the Sun Is Shining": Abraham Lincoln's Proverbial Fight Against Slavery
"Conventional Phrases Are a Sort of Fireworks": Charles Dickens's Proverbial Language
"Make Hell While the Sun Shines": Proverbial War Rhetoric of Winston S. Churchill
"Man Is a Wolf to Man": Proverbial Dialectics in Bertolt Brechr
Benjamin Franklin's "The Way to Wealth"
Proverb Poems and Popular Songs
Proverbs in Caricatures, Cartoons, and Comics
Proverbs and the World of Advertising
Proverbs as Headlines and Slogans
Proverb Journals
Major Proverb Studies
Multilingual Proverb Collections
Bilingual Proverb Collections
Anglo-American Proverb Collections
Regional and Thematic Proverb Collections
Web Resources


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Proverbs: a handbook - WOLFGANG MIEDER
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