The Chambers Dictionary

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Chambers é uma das editoras de dicionários mais respeitadas do mundo, atraindo especialmente os amantes das palavras e aqueles que se deleitam com todas as peculiaridades da língua inglesa.


The Chambers Dictionary remains established as the dictionary of choice for professional writers, puzzle and wordgame enthusiasts, and everyone with a love of words. First published in 1901 under the title of Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary, the dictionary has now outlived the century of its original title, not only securing the trust of successive generations of users with its comprehensive coverage of English, but also delighting them by including more than its share of unusual words and throwing in a sprinkling of humorous and playful definitions.

In the lexicographical landscape of the twenty-first century, The Chambers Dictionary stands out like a baroque mansion in a city of faceless concrete. While other single-volume dictionaries concentrate on describing the familiar language of our times, only Chambers provides the contemporary user with information on the unfamiliar: the
words they may come across in our literary heritage; words from the past as well as the present; unusual words as well as commonly heard ones; words from the different dialects of English; fascinating words with the power to surprise and amuse.

This new edition builds on the major revision of the dictionary in 2003, which subjected the whole text to a thorough review to bring it up to date for a modern readership. The dictionary's structure was made more transparent by clarifying the way that entries are arranged; obsolete and opaque language was removed from definitions; and references to works of literature that are no longer widely read were clarified, with notes on all of
the authors mentioned in classification labels being added as part of the appendices at the back of the book. Furthermore 10,000 new words and meanings were added, reflecting the full richness of our continually evolving language.

For this edition we have updated the text where necessary and added hundreds more new words and meanings. Once again, these reflect the way that English has changed in recent years. New words have entered the language to describe such modern phenomena as blogging, happy slapping and Sudoku, while developments in technology
(chip and PIN, podcasting), new forms of entertainment (flash mob, MP3 player) and the popularity of exotic foodstuffs (mizuna, noni) have generated new items of vocabulary and caused words to be assimilated from a wide range of other languages.

In performing this latest revision, we hope to have ensured that the text is kept up to date without diminishing from the traditional character of this much-loved dictionary.


The Chambers Dictionary
10th Edition


A short history of English
Varieties of English
Using the dictionary
Model of dictionary layout
Spelling rules
Abbreviations used in the dictionary
Characters used in other languages
Detailed chart of pronunciation

The Chambers Dictionary

Some first names
Phrases and quotations from foreign languages
Roman numerals
Internet suffixes
Books of the Bible
Plays of Shakespeare
Notes on authors cited in the dictionary
Chemical elements
Beaufort scale
Mohs scale
Earthquake severity measurement scales
Wine bottle sizes
Wedding anniversaries
Mathematical symbols
Physical constants
Temperature conversion
Conversion factors
International paper sizes
Major planetary satellites


Chambers Harrap Publishers, 2006
Impresso na Escócia
Texto em inglês
Editor: Ian Brookes

The Chambers Dictionary
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