The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia

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The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia is the authoritative single-volume reference work on people, both living and dead. In addition to its thousand or more pages of A-Z entries, the book offers an invaluable Ready Reference section with lists of political leaders and rulers, Nobel Prizewinners, patron saints, sports champions and many more. Acclaimed on its first publication in 1994 as a new kind of biographical reference book, the Encyclopedia is now established as a reliable source of information on over 26,000 people, fully cross-referenced. The books international coverage and devotion to important figures - both historical and contemporary - in science and the arts as well as to sports and popular personalities make it unique. This Second Edition has been comprehensively updated and supplemented with nearly 700 new A-Z entries and many more Ready Reference entries.

"The book deserves a permanent place of honour in your personal library and is essential reading in schools, colleges and universities." Sunday Independent

"Enormous, and enormously useful ... as a biographical reference book, the best single-volume work I have seen." The Australian

"Irresistible because of its scope and format." The Scotsman

Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition, 1999/2000
Editado por David Crystal
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The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia
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